BDF EXS15 Exterior Window Film Privacy and Sun Control Silver 15, Dark – 60in X 50ft
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BDF EXS15 Exterior Window Film Privacy and Sun Control Silver 15, Dark – 60in X 50ft

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What to know before you buy a window film

Before deciding on your new window film, you should consider what makes one suitable and what you want your window film to do for you.

So which window film are right for you?

When you find a recommended product for window film reviews, this BDF EXS15 Exterior Window Film Privacy and Sun Control Silver 15, Dark – 60in X 50ft is worth considering. It get many positive response from the consumers. The Visit the Buydecorativefilm Store are far more reliable and easier to use than anything else on the market. The most sold product is not expensive and it is highly desirable, and if you want to buy it, you should not miss this opportunity because this product is the price length applications.

Is this what you need when you buy a window film?

Prevent nosy, unwanted onlookers from peeping through your window during the day with Buydecorativefilm s Exterior Silver 15 window film. As the name suggests, this film gives the window a mirror-like, highly reflective look on either the outside or the inside of the window depending on the lighting conditions. This is why the One Way Mirror Effect works great during the day since the sun makes the outside of your building much brighter than the inside, bystanders on the mirrored side will see nothing but their own reflection while you can still see through. Whether it s for your home or office, shield your interior and to protect your private life while maintaining clear visibility. Here are some additional comments about our exterior silver window film

Not only does the EXS15 exterior window film provide great daytime privacy, but its dark nature also gives it excellent heat rejecting properties that keeps your interior nice and cool. The number 15 in its name refers to the dark silver tint that gives the window that reflective, mirrored look and also blocks hot solar rays from entering through your window.

It rejects about 99 of the UV rays, helping to reduce fading on your precious furniture or other UV sensitive belongings, and about 80 of the total solar energy coming in from the sun. By maintaining your room at a cool, moderate temperature, you can promote a more environmentally aware lifestyle by reducing energy usage and help create a greener world.

As mentioned above, the side with the most amount of light will become the mirror

Therefore, the effect of any reflective, privacy enhancing window film will greatly depend on the lighting conditions. This is why the privacy-effect works so well during the day, and almost not at all at night since the sun usually makes the exterior of your building much, much brighter than the interior.

At night, you will most likely have your room well-lit so the outside will be much darker, making it easy for people to see in and hard for you to see out. However, coupled with the use of curtains or blinds for night-time privacy, the reflective property of this window film is perfect for windows that face directly into the sun and are exposed to extreme sunlight

BDF Exterior film is the perfect solution for the dual-panes windows when properly installed outside of the window.

The reflectivity of the film, blocks heat before passing through your windows.

This will keep your home much cooler as it reduces the heat stored within the window.

Installing window film on a cool day and not in direct sunlight. An adjacent work surface next to the window is recommended. It will be much easier to install film on smaller windows, so we suggest starting with the smallest windows first.

It is best to clean the window with a window scraper before any installation. A window scraper is a glass safe razor blade, usually with a handle that can scrape the glass of any contaminants without scratching the glass. Using the window scraper and installation solution all over the window will clean it of any caked-on dirt that wiping will not remove. You can use the installation solution to also clean the window as well as any non-ammonia-based cleaners.

It is recommended to clean the surrounding area of the glass, like the frame and seals before installation too. Using a no lint or low lint cloth will ensure the glass will be free of any dust.

The installation solution can be made by adding 8-10 drops of liquid soap for every 16 oz of water.

All window films have 2 parts. The film and the liner. Find a corner of the film to separate the liner and film. The liner will always be clear and thinner than the film.

The best way to separate the film and liner is to use two pieces of tape. Attach one piece of tape to a corner of the film, half of the tape on the film and the other half hang past the corner. Then use another piece of tape of the other side of the same corner. Both tapes should be placed slightly offset. Hold onto the two over hanging tapes and press them together to grab the film s corner tip firmly. Then slowly separate the two pieces of tape the liner and film should separate.

As you gently pull the liner away, spray the exposed adhesive side with the installation solution. This will make the film heavier and easier to manage, it will also prevent the film from sticking to itself or to any thing else.

When the liner is all pulled away, the film s exposed adhesives side should be fully wet.

Spray, spray, and spray more You need to spray a lot and make the film fully wet and almost flooded on the film and the window glass surface. Please remember that the fully wet window and the film is one of the key factors for your successful installation without bubbles.

To handle the film easier when separating the film and the liner, spraying soapy solution liberally on the exposed adhesive side as you pull off the liner will prevent the film from being sticky. This will prevent the adhesive side from sticking to itself, eliminating potential wrinkles and bubbles during or after installation.

Also, the soapy solution should be sprayed on the top of the film prior to the squeegeeing. This will help your squeegee glide across the film

Your installed window film can be removed even after years. You need to soften the cured or hardened adhesive of the film to remove the film. A fabric steamer or a heat gun can heat up the film and loosen the adhesive.

Using a hairdryer can heat up the film to loosen the adhesive, but it will take longer. If there is remaining adhesive residue, it can be easily removed with soapy water and a razor blade.

Removing the static cling film is very easy and simple. The static cling film doesn t have the adhesive and can be removed by hand.

What are the special features of this Visit the Buydecorativefilm Store window film?

EXCELLENT DAYTIME PRIVACY. Provides great intended privacy during daytime only the mirror-effect is reversed at night since the interior will be exposed to more light than the exterior. The side with the most light will have the mirror-like appearance. FILM APPLIED ON THE OUTSIDE. It rejects heat by reflecting a lot of the solar energy out before it can even pass through the window. STRONG ADHESIVES to last many years. For easier installation, remember to use A LOT of soap water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window. HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE films that are sensitive by nature. Please remember to take caution when handling the film as the slightest fold will create a permanent wrinkle. FREE TOOLS AND EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE to make installation DIY-friendly. Make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes.

Customer reviews for BDF EXS15 Exterior Window Film Privacy and Sun Control Silver 15, Dark – 60in X 50ft

Amazon’s reviews have a huge impact on the retail world. How many times have you checked reviews on Amazon before buying a product, even if you bought it somewhere else? We know we’ve done that many times.

Great Bald one: “Easy to wor…Read more
Covered 10 windows on sun side our home. The first window was a problem because I never attempted this before. This is quality material and somewhat forgiving. Package instructions are clear and easy to follow. Here are a few tips I learned. Spray windows with glass cleaner and scrape window with single edge razor blade. This removes baked on film and asphalt pebbles, that you cannot see. It made a difference. Then clean window with cleaner, paper towels, finally a wipe with micro cloth. Our windows had plastic trim around windows that was easily removed, check u-tube for instructions, made installation much smother. Follow instructions and wet windows and film with suggested liquid, I used bottle water and baby wash. If you think it s wet, wet it some more, cannot over do it. Do Not try installing on a windy day...the squeegee furnished was stiff but I covered it with a eyeglass micro cloth and taped it in place.
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